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Register my details for the briar chemicals warning and informing service


By registering my contact details to receive messages from Briar Chemicals Warning and Informing Service, I understand that:


 In the unlikely event of an incident, I may receive emergency information in the following ways:

 Voice message to my landline phone

 Voice message to my mobile phone

 Text message to my mobile phone

 Email to my email address phone


 Briar Chemicals Ltd and Alert Cascade Ltd cannot be held accountable for any failure in the telephone or cellular networks.


 If I do not receive any of the messages from the Briar Chemicals Warning and Informing Service, Briar Chemicals Ltd cannot be held accountable or liable.


 Only messages authorised by Briar Chemicals Ltd will be sent from the Warning and Informing Service.


 The Briar Chemicals Warning and Informing Service is a messaging system for emergencies at Briar Chemicals only, and if I need to contact the emergency services, I must dial 999 as usual.


 Messages from Briar Chemicals Warning and Informing Service may contain emergency instructions and it is important that I listen to the whole message.


 This service is free of charge.


  The personal data that I provide during this registration process will be processed by Alert Cascade Limited on behalf of Briar Chemicals Limited for the purposes of sending emergency information to me.


  These terms and conditions may change. If they do change, I will be told about the changes.


  I can chose to de-register my details at any time.


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